Want to become rich: Follow these simple rules.

Is it your dream to build wealth and become rich?? Here are some simple rules that will help you realize your dream.

Rule #1: Make sure that your spouse is in the same boat

It becomes difficult if your life partner is constantly frustrating your dreams, ambitions, and goals. Your spouse must travel in the same boat with you.

Rule #2: Break free from the debt bondage

Debt is a disease that enslaves you. First clear all your debts before your plan to build your wealth.

Rule #3: Think and work differently if you want to excel your parents

Unless you think and work differently from your parents you can never excel them financially.

Rule #4: Find out the pay of the highest level employee

Look at what the top level employee gets paid in that company to give you an idea of how high you can reach financially.

Rule #5: Pick a profession that interests you

If your work doesn’t interest you, you will never move up the financial ladder.

Rule #6: The power money has over you is derived from your relationship with it

Money is nothing more than a piece of paper. So, don’t keep checking your investments everyday as this will only stress you more.

Rule #7: Your ideas are the most valuable thing you possess

Make your ideas your new commodity and not your physical labour.