How homemakers get left behind financially?!

A global study shows that 65% of men make all or most of the household’s financial decisions with little input from their spouse. Leave alone investment decisions, in some families women are not even involved in the investment process.
The confidence among women to make the decisions about spending and saving for the household does not translate into actual investment decisions. This is because men are determined that it is his call to make when it comes to financial decisions since he is the one who earns in the family. Many women feel constrained because things that she knows will be good for the family will not be implemented when it comes to money matters since she is not financially independent to make those decisions. This leads to women developing a sense of regret about not being financially independent. Though many husbands are generous, it fails to fill up the vacuum of not having their own earnings. Despite the joint holding of assets and other investments, many women do not influence the financial decisions of the family as a whole.
Failure to get women involved in the process can leave them exposed to financial hardship later in life. When women are involved in investment decisions, they may be able to squeeze out some extra savings from the monthly budget and also give a different perspective for the family’s financial goal.